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Within the framework of your specialized maintenances, we are able to supply you in supplies of origins or certified, on conditions B to B except intermediaries. Our catalog comprises all the entries industrial techniques, all the world references. We are agent of the more famous brands.

Everywhere in the world, our technicians are able to to correct and to accompany your technological exploitation. Management AMDEC, maintenances manufacturers, the perpetuation of the network and the development of backup solution will allow you to reduce your production costs significantly and will ensure you an effective distribution whatever the place, the medium or the environment on which you evolve/move..
Research department

The protocols of maintenance associated with management with logistic flows cannot be dissociated from a shutter studies integrating your specificities and your restrictions. Our engineers will accompany you on all your steps and will be able to propose the best choices to you, by integrating the problems of management and supply into the lower costs.

Today, deployed technologies evolve/move in exponential ways. The maintenance of the operational conditions imposes on your teams an high added value in term of competences. A trained personnel is operational and reduces your costs. We are able to accompany you and provide a teaching environment through our teams of academics or who you are throughout the world, whatever the subject and the awaited level.

If to evaluate, dimension, protect, ensure are recurring variables all your days, you must surround you by professionals bringing the council and serenity. We will be able to accompany you by proposing to you our international experts in many fields. Together, we will defend your interests.

To set up an Estimated Management of Employment and Careers will perennialize the production but also will perennialize the potential of your teams. To guarantee to your collaborators a future, it is to guarantee your long-term management and thus your financial efficiency. Today, a project is built by integrating human resources upstream. We are capable to lead this part of the project for you.
 Control of work

Your projects have an important dimension and ensure you only little visibility, you want to guarantee technological and financial variables. Our engineers and our specialists will be able to accompany you. The experiment with proven that damping is with go, and very often on big factors. The project management is the heart of our trades, divide-there.